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hello and thanks for visiting miareneecole.com!

i’m mia, the content creator, blogger, podcaster, knitter and obsessive cat lady. i’m currently a junior at unc chapel hill where i study español & français – or as my dad likes to call it: “poverty.” i’m an aspiring adult, and an avid harry potter enthusiast.

this blog was initially created in 2012 for the washington journalism and media conference, to which i owe most of my love for journalism and politics, as well as my inspiration for continually posting and creating content. now – roughly five years later – i’m still posting, but the topics have changed. over the years i’ve experimented with beauty, organization, diy, politics, advocacy, etc. while i will still write about these things, most of my current topics are centered around one thing: life. i bring you my philosophical (if you can call it that) thoughts and twenty-something-year-old viewpoints every week in an effort to reach out to like-minded individuals as well as gather my own thoughts as a growing soul.

i also have a podcast where i talk about sexuality, so if that interests you, try giving sexpert a listen. we’re found on all podcast listening apps like itunes’ podcast app and android’s google play. sexpert’s goal is to educate young adults about sex and sexuality in a conversational, positive environment so they can live healthier, naughtier lives. to learn more about sexpert, click here.

please stay awhile and feel free to explore my world.



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