The TV Shows I’m Loving Right Now

Y’all asked for it and here it is — except only available to you, my newsletter subscribers. Sometimes I wish we had a social media website just to keep track of the TV shows that we’re watching (and to see what our friends are watching too). Instead, I’m going to come to you with a special blog post to tell you my favorite TV shows right now. Let me know what your favorites are in the comments below, so I can enjoy your suggestions as well!

Grace & Frankie (Netflix Original)


Honestly, I’ve been loving Grace & Frankie for years. For those of you living under a rock, Grace & Frankie follows two older women (Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin) as their husbands leave them… for each other. I’ve been enjoying it since the first season, but now there’s a full four (!!!) seasons up on Netflix for your binge-ing needs.

Not only is it a hilarious TV show, it gives a great, comedic insight into the lives of senior citizens — as normal fucking people. Get ready for a lot of gayness, drugs, and — oh yeah — vibrators.

Fixer Upper (HGTV, Hulu)


Kinda the stark opposite, I’ve been head-over-heels for Fixer Upper since it first premiered on HGTV a few years back, but it’s also available to stream on Hulu, which is where I watch it. Follow Chip & Joanna Gaines, a husband and wife, who flip homes in Waco, Texas. It’s not any ordinary “flip” show, however. Chip & Jo have their own unique personalities that shine through the cameras, making it one of the most relatable reality TV shows I’ve ever watched. I loved it enough to listen to their book, The Magnolia Story, on Audible.

Victoria (PBS, Amazon Prime)


OK, I just started watching Victoria and I’m hooked. As the name suggests, it follows the reign of Queen Victoria. I’m only on Season 1, Episode 3, so I’m not sure how the rest of the series goes, but so far it’s phenomenal! It’s beautifully done and the acting is superb — it makes you wish you were a royal in 19th century England.

Poldark (PBS, Amazon Prime)


Another PBS Masterpiece, Poldark unexpectedly hooks you in. Follow Ross Poldark as he returns to England after fighting in the American Revolution. He comes home to wed the beautiful Elizabeth, only to find out she has become engaged to his cousin (yikes). From there, the drama ensues. His father has gambled away his family money, he’s lost the love of his life, and — oh yeah — has plenty of enemies. If you’re looking for hot British men paired with a dramatic story, Poldark is a great choice. The first two seasons are on Amazon Prime, available to stream, but I’m waiting for the third season to be streaming (hopefully soon!).

Gilmore Girls (Netflix)


I’ll admit, I jumped into Gilmore Girls a little late in life — I only watched the series this past winter. But never before have I been so hooked on a show. Ever. I’ve binged Friends and Supernatural and The Office — but I’ve never been quite as engulfed as I was with Gilmore Girls. I went as far to listen to Lauren Graham’s first memoir, purchase a GG-themed stitch marker, have extensive conversations about the series, and still have plans to purchase as much Luke’s gear as I can. I’m not even going to bother giving you a description here. Just go watch it.

Supernatural (The CW, Netflix)


I fell in love with Supernatural in high school, along with every other 15 year-old girl. You might not know that one of the show’s stars (Jared Padalecki) actually got his start on Gilmore Girls (eeeepppp!). That aside, I love Supernatural — just let me be clear: I love the first four to six seasons of Supernatural. I’ve watched all the way up to season nine (I think they’re about to renew for a thirteenth season), but I believe — along with many other fans — that the show lost it’s storyline and original intent after the sixth season or so. Other than that, it’s my first choice when I want something on in the background or just want to re-watch some of my favorite episodes (and I’m not one to just re-watch or re-read things for the hell of it).

The Crown (Netflix Original)


The Crown has been my favorite Netflix show since it premiered in the winter of 2016. Similar to PBS’s Victoria, The Crown follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II (the presiding Queen). So far it only has two seasons, but so much happens in each one, you could easily re-watch them over and over again. Just be warned: if you binge it too much, you’ll find yourself drinking tea out of fine China and speaking awfully proper.

Girlboss (Netflix Original)


Girlboss is one of those shows that introduced me to a wide variety of new things, and I’m thankful for it. Named after her memoir, Girlboss dramatizes the early adulthood of Sophia Amoruso, as she developed her online clothing company, Nasty Gal. This girl literally went from rags to fab, but still kept her spunky personality throughout it all. It’s a feel-good show that is empowering for all women, especially those who are aspiring entrepreneurs. Plus it introduces you to Sophia Amoruso, who is a #goal within herself.

GLOW (Netflix Original)

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I watched GLOW right after I watched Girlboss and it was a great follow-up. GLOW, or Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, dramatizes real-life events of the 1980’s when a bunch of actresses (fresh out of jobs) agreed to become professional wrestlers. It’s funny, inspiring, and a great reminder that women can kick ass. I wasn’t sure what I would think of it at first, but I ended up loving it, and would definitely watch it again.

Catfish (MTV, Hulu)

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My boyfriend and I currently watch Catfish like crazy. Catfish is a reality TV show, featuring Max & Nev, two men on the hunt to find ‘catfishers.’ Each episode usually features someone who believes they’ve found ‘the one’ online, but are unsure if they’re speaking to a real person, so Max & Nev investigate the online profile and it’s revealed at the end whether or not the person was really who they said they were. It’s campy and kinda cringe-worthy, but something about it is just so good, plus Max & Nev are super entertaining themselves.

Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix Original)

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I’m writing this now, anticipating that I’ll be starting season two of Santa Clarita Diet soon. I wasn’t sure what I would initially think about the TV show, but my grandma and I watched the whole first season in a day. Follow Drew Barrymore, in her idyllic suburban family, as she catches a virus and becomes a zombie. So I’m not a big fan of zombies in general (they’re just a little too campy for me, and not at all entertaining), but this show takes zombie-ism to a whole different level and is hilarious.

iZombie (The CW, Netflix)

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Remember how I just said that I don’t like zombies? Well here I am again with another zombie show for you. iZombie is beautifully cheesy and intriguing at the same time. Without giving away too much, iZombie features the main character Liv as she becomes a zombie having to disguise herself in busy Seattle. She gets a job at a morgue and buddies up with the medical examiner who lets her eat the brains of his dead patients. When she eats brains however, she’s able to see visions belonging to the person whose brain she just snacked on. What does she do with those visions? Solve crimes, of course. Yes, it’s just as awful and just as great as it sounds, but in true CW fashion, it makes the campy seem original. (Note: Aly Michalka — yes, that Aly — has a significant role in this series and it’s super gratifying.)

Riverdale (The CW, Netflix)

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I binged the first season of Riverdale in less than 24 hours and am anxiously awaiting the second season to begin streaming on Netflix. Based off a comic (like iZombie), Riverdale is a small, story-like town where a very mysterious and dramatic murder happens. While the police try and solve the case, a group of friends (including the dashing Cole Sprouse) try to solve it themselves, believing the police to be on the wrong track. Ultimately, it’s solved, but the first season ends with more questions that it begins, leaving you hooked.

And those are my favorite TV shows right now — shows that I’ve been currently watching or have been watching in the last few months. There’s so many other of my favorites that I left out — Friends, The Office, Ghost Whisperer — but those will need to wait for another blog post. I hope you all enjoyed this post, though, and were introduced to some new shows that find you cuddled up on the couch, stagnant for hours at a time. Let me know what your favorite binge-worthy shows are in the comments, or on Twitter @MiaReneeCole.